Designer Fireplaces: Your Ultimate Guide to Styles & Fuels


For any discerning architect, designer or property owner alike, adding in a statement piece such as a fireplace calls for the very best in exceptional quality.

Designer fireplaces start with a sketch, where the exact dimensions will be expertly cut out and refined until the completed piece reaches perfection. A level of care and attention so great that no off the shelf piece could possibly match the exquisite beauty or detailing that has been created exclusively for your project.

Caleo is the UK exclusive stockist of JC Bordelet designer fireplaces which are handcrafted in Montpellier, as well as the leading stockist of Focus Fireplaces, combining over 90 years worth of craftsmanship between the two brands.

Our designer fireplace collection provides something for everyone, from classic timeless pieces to the latest in modern innovation, brought to you by some of the finest fireplace designers in the world.

Designer Fireplaces: An Overview

As with any piece you purchase for your home or commercial space there are two main options available.

The first is to purchase a piece off the shelf that is built as a generic item to the manufacturer’s wants and desires, rather than your specific project or personal taste in mind. There’s nothing inherently bad about this option, though it means the piece will lack originality and in some cases, may not reach the potential of the brief versus opting for something that was personally made for your property.

The second option is to choose something which is handcrafted precisely with you in mind, both where the specific room is concerned as well as your own style. The latter is exactly what we offer here at Caleo, as each of our fireplaces are fully customisable to each client. Not only can you choose the type of fireplace style that suits your needs, but each of the components from the fuel to the base design and even the colour is totally up to you.

Ultimately, our designer fireplaces are made to be adored which is what sets them apart from standard options. Providing an ambient warmth throughout the room while simultaneously making a design statement, our JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces designer fireplaces instantly elevate any room they are chosen to grace.

Caleo Ltd Designer Floating Center Fireplaces JPG 001 Suspended Fireplaces and Central Fireplaces
Model: Calista

Ambiently Warm The Room

While our designer fireplaces are undoubtedly a thing of beauty, getting back to basics a fireplace first and foremost is intended to warm a space. What’s unique about a designer fireplace is that the heat can be distributed more evenly around a room versus a traditional design.

For example, a central design fireplace is built to sit in the middle of the room, meaning the heat slowly envelopes the entire space, rather than creating hot and cold spots as is the case with some less efficient fireplace types.

All of which means even the most awkwardly shaped or sized room can benefit from a comfortable level of heat, as with a designer fireplace there is an abundance of design options to choose from where heat distribution is concerned.

Caleo Ltd Designer Floating Center Fireplaces Focus Fireplaces Focus Designer Fireplaces Focus Fireplace SLIDER JPG 004 Suspended Fireplaces and Central Fireplaces
Model: Zelia

Create A Stunning Focal Point In Any Room

Fire is one of the four main elements alongside earth, water and air. Yet all too often, fireplaces are an afterthought within interior design. Cast to the background, the beauty of the flames is never fully realised, with the heat only accessible to those who crouch closely beside the fireplace.

Designer fireplaces quite literally look to reinstate fire as a key element that both heats the room as well as subtly lighting it with a gentle glow. The elegant construction of designer fireplaces covers every millimetre of the design, ensuring it creates a mesmerising focal point in any room.

Focus Fireplaces Focus Designer Fireplaces Focus Fireplace Suspended Fireplaces and Central Fireplaces
Model: Eva 992

Add Value To Your Property

JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces are extremely renowned designers of fireplaces. As with any luxury item you add to your home or commercial space, it has the potential to boost the value of the property. Designer fireplaces are no different because quite simply they are bespoke rather than run of the mill.

Not only are our pieces built to last, but they are also built to amaze all those who lay eyes on the decadent flames and elegant flue designs. The constructions are also timeless, meaning whether you plan to develop a property now or sell it in years to come, the original appeal of the design will still hold true even if the decor around it changes throughout the ages.

Caleo Ltd Designer Floating Center Fireplaces Focus Fireplaces Focus Designer Fireplaces Focus Fireplace SLIDER JPG 007 Suspended Fireplaces and Central Fireplaces
Model: Eva 992

Multiple Configurations Available

No two buildings let alone rooms are built to the same specifications, which is all the more reason to opt for a designer fireplace that can perfectly accommodate your requirements.

All of our designer fireplaces also benefit from expert installation, meaning whether the setup is straightforward or more complex in nature, every single detail will have an expert eye cast upon it. In addition, we also offer an aftercare service to ensure your satisfaction long after your piece has been installed.

Contemporary Gas Fireplace Designs

The beauty of purchasing a designer fireplace is that you can choose a design that fits your needs exactly rather than having to compromise on style or features. We’re pleased to offer our clients a wide range of designer fireplace styles, covering various configurations for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Central Design Fireplaces

As with any designer piece, designer fireplaces are made to be noticed. Central design fireplaces allow for a more prominent position within the space, allowing for the intricate detailing of the piece to be fully appreciated.

An added bonus of this style is that the heat can be positioned where it’s needed, circulating outwards to warm the rest of the room as it does so.

JC Bordelet central design fireplace models

Alexia 995, Calista 917, Eolia 907, Eva 992, Julietta 985, Lea 998, Linea 914, Marina 993, Tatiana 997 and Zelia 908.

Focus Fireplaces central design fireplace models

Agorafocus 630, Bathyscafocus, Bathyscafocus Outdoor, Boafocus, Bubble, Domofocus, Domofocus Outdoor, Ergofocus, Ergofocus Outdoor, Filiofocus, Grappus, Gyrofocus, Gyrofocus Outdoor and Slimfocus.  

Designer Fireplaces

Corner Design Fireplaces

Corners are quaint sections of any room, yet are rarely used to house fireplaces. In fact, corners are seldom considered at all within interior design.

A corner design fireplace reinvents the seams of the room to suddenly become the focal point, while providing a multidirectional level of heat to warm the space.

JC Bordelet corner design fireplace models Eva 992 and Julietta 985 make a mundane spot of a room something truly special.

Rotating Design Fireplaces

Want to be able to view your stunning new fireplace, regardless of where you are in the room?

Rotating fireplaces (also known as swivel design fireplaces) allow you to do just that. The open nature of the fireplace design is warm and inviting while providing plenty of style and charm for the space it is placed within.

JC Bordelet rotating design fireplace models

Calista 917 and Tatiana 997.

Focus Fireplaces rotating design fireplace models

Bathyscafocus, Bathyscafocus Outdoor, Domofocus, Domofocus Outdoor, Ergofocus, Ergofocus Outdoor, Filiofocus, Gyrofocus, Gyrofocus Outdoor and Slimfocus.  

Designer Fireplaces
Designer Fireplaces

Suspended Fireplaces

The unique aspect about designer fireplaces, especially suspended fireplaces, is that they don’t hide away in the corner – they take centre stage.

As the name suggests, suspended fireplaces hang from the ceiling rather than being placed on the ground or against the wall.

With the piece suspended from the ceiling, the fireplace becomes a natural place to gravitate towards, totally reinventing the experience both in terms of heat distribution and the optical focal point the fireplace creates.

JC Bordelet suspended fireplace models

Calista 917, Eva 992, Tatiana 997 and Zelia 908.

Focus Fireplaces suspended fireplace models

Agorafocus 630, Agorafocus 850, Antefocus, Bathyscafocus, Bathyscafocus Hublot, Bathyscafocus Outdoor, Domofocus, Domofocus Outdoor, Ergofocus, Ergofocus Outdoor, Filiofocus Central, Gyrofocus, Gyrofocus Gas, Gyrofocus Outdoor, Renzofocus and Slimfocused Suspended.

Wall Design Fireplaces

Walls are used to displaying pieces of art, and a wall design fireplace certainly fits the bill while providing exceptional warmth to all those who enter the space.

The exquisite detailing of a wall design fireplace means the profile runs from floor to ceiling. Once again, the differences between a designer fireplace and a regular design are clearly demonstrated, as every detail has been carefully curated.

Whether you pair a wall design fireplace against a bold wall colour, rustic materials or a paired back tone the effect will be equally striking.

JC Bordelet wall design fireplace models

Calista 917, Eva 992, Julietta 985, Lea 998, Marina 993, Tatiana 997 and Zelia 908.

Focus Fireplaces wall design fireplace models

Boafocus, Edofocus, Emifocus Outdoor, Emifocus Outdoor, Emifocus Porthole, Filiofocus, Lensfocus and Slimfocus.

Designer Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces

What better way to beat the chill and maximise the amount of time you can spend in your outdoor space than to install an outdoor fireplace? Compared with patio heaters or makeshift fires, designer outdoor fireplaces not only add convenience but incredible style too.

Outdoor fireplaces beautifully accompany existing structures such as patios, pergolas, pools, barns, outdoor ovens and so much more. Though, even simplistic outdoor areas can be instantly transformed with an outdoor fireplace.

Focus Fireplaces outdoor fireplaces

Bathyscafocus, Domofocus, Emifocus, Ergofocus and Gyrofocus.

Designer Fireplaces

Fireplace Fuel Options

Our designer fireplaces are available in a range of fuel options. If you don’t see your fuel option listed below, please give us a call so we can advise as we may be able to offer a solution that’s not listed on our website.

Designer Gas Fires UK

Gas fires make for an incredibly popular fuel option, and the vast majority of our designer gas fireplaces carry this option. In particular, properties that already have a gas connection and want to maintain this within their new fireplace design may wish to opt for a gas fire.

Wood Burning Fireplace Design

For a pinch of rustic charm, wood-burner fireplace designs offer the best of both worlds. As the wood cinders down on the fire, it creates the most homely of sights. In addition, storing wood by the fire is a popular interior design trend to tap into.

Designer Fireplaces UK

Caleo is a leading supplier of designer fireplaces based in the UK, supplying throughout Europe. From handcrafting your chosen fireplace to the delivery and installation, we offer a complete service to all of our clients.

If you would like to discover our full range of designer fireplaces for yourself, please download our brochure to learn more.

Rather than just putting products in the basket, we instead want to work with you to ensure the fireplace you select will meet your needs precisely. So, if you need any help or advice about the model that would best suit your project, book a design consultation.

You can also email us, which will give us a greater opportunity to discuss your project. We can advise on our full range of products including the style of fireplace, fuel type, colour options and more. Whatever you have in mind for your designer fireplace, allow Caleo to make it a reality.

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