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Floating fireplaces that draw the eye

Also known as floating fireplaces, hanging and suspended fireplaces transform interiors through extraordinary design.

Rotating hanging and suspended fireplace design

Swivel design gives a panoramic 360 view of crackling flames and equal heat distribution making rotating floating fireplaces ideal for gatherings and spending quality time with loved ones.

Exquisite hanging and suspended fireplaces

A ceiling-suspended fireplace reinvents how a space is used, providing ambient warmth to the whole room and a striking focal piece as it gives the illusion of floating mid-air.

Designer central fireplaces specialists

As the exclusive UK partner of JC Bordelet and the leading UK stockist of Focus designer fireplaces, we don’t settle for ordinary.
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Hanging & Suspended FAQs

What are the benefits of a suspended fireplace?

Floating fireplaces are unique and bring character to your home - regardless of whether your property is a new build or a period home, there is an incredibly wide range of hanging fireplace styles to suit all personal tastes. and to deliver that 'WOW' factor.

Panoramic Fireplaces look great from all angles - any discerning property owner is going to want the very best outcome within the features they choose for their home. With a hanging fireplace, the panoramic design available in several of our models means no matter where you’re positioned in the room, you’ll always get the best possible view. With a panoramic fireplace, this also includes when you gather around the fire in a circle while entertaining or spending quality time with loved ones.Hanging fireplaces offer the latest in fireplace innovation - within all areas of design and construction, trends are constantly evolving, and this is hot one in fireplace styles!

A floating fireplace, or designer fireplace more generally, can add as much as 5% to your property value. Not only that, but luxury fireplaces such as the models we sell here at Caleo can provide an even greater return on investment. A report found that adding a £3,000 fireplace can add as much as £10,000 onto the value of your property, which is a 233% ROI. If completed as part of wider renovation works, that figure can easily skyrocket, since an inviting fireplace is always going to be a welcome addition in any home.

Floating fireplaces free up floor and wall space - due to the fireplace being attached to the ceiling, this creates the illusion that the fireplace is floating off of the ground. Not only is this effect effortlessly elegant in any setting, but it also means that the floor and wall space are not taken up by the fireplace. Floating fireplaces can also add structure to an otherwise sparse room, whether you plan to add pieces of furniture or keep the room pared back. A traditional fireplace in an empty or large space could make the room look unfinished. But with a floating fireplace, you have endless options at your disposal without losing an ounce of style.

Can my floating fireplace be wood-burning?

Yes. Fire is most associated with wood, with wood burning fireplaces offering the perfect mix between rustic charm and modern convenience. A suspended log burner (also known as a hanging log burner or floating fireplace), brings the satisfying view of the wood burning down into your eye line, rather than being down on the ground as is the case with a campfire. Also enjoy the ambiance around 360º with a fully glazed, or rotating appliance. With a high efficiency glass fronted design, modern suspended wood burners are an architectural delight, and very desirable delivering clean burning and high efficiency.

Can a central suspended fireplace be gas-fuelled?

We have some products int he range that are entirely suspended, appearing to float above the floor, that are fuelled by gas.We also have a wide range of base mounted, floor standing models that are also gas fired.Gas is a reliable fuel providing convenience, controllable temperature options and an amazing realistic effect... all at the touch of a button!Do gas fireplaces require a chimney?~We have some products that require a conventional open chimney, and also others that are room sealed, balanced flue appliances using a much smaller flue configuration with the possibilities of 90 degree bends.Please ask for information, tell us your ideas and we will find the perfect solution with you.

What is a ceiling suspended fireplace?

Ceilings are perhaps the most underused aspect of any room, normally reserved for a fresh coat of plaster or at most a ceiling fan.

A ceiling suspended fireplace quite literally reinvents how the space is utilised and in doing so, provides not only an ambient level of warmth to the whole room but a striking focal piece too.

What is a wall-hanging fireplace?

Wall hanging fireplaces are similar to ceiling suspended fireplaces in that they cover the full length height of the room, but do so sitting flush against the wall rather than sitting in the middle of the room.

A wall hanging fireplace makes for an ideal option for homeowners who want to retain the traditional look of a fireplace but with a contemporary twist.

Suspended fireplaces give the illusion that the fire is floating above the ground. With a wall mounted suspended fireplace, the wall offers a sense of structure, as the flue gently directs your gaze down to the flickering flames below. Yet, the generous clearance between the fire and the floor offers a most intriguing twist on the classic fireplace design. Wall mounted suspended fireplaces can be paired with a statement wall colour or a paired back decor alike.

Take a look at the JC Bordelet Zelia 908 as an example.

Why are hanging fireplaces a popular design?

Within all areas of design and construction, trends are constantly evolving and in the quest for high performing, high quality design led solutions, the suspended fireplace, or hanging fireplace is a must have for the most discerning clients and spectacular spaces.

With fireplaces previously banished to the corner of the room, or hidden away within a draughty chimney breast, central fireplaces quite literally make both the warmth and visual aesthetics of your fireplace centre stage in any environment they are placed within.

Their panoramic design sets them apart from traditional options as you can gather around the fire in a circle while entertaining or spending quality time with loved ones and everyone gets to witness the truly impressive centrepiece.

Hanging fireplaces with glass enclosures are available in several of our models means no matter where you’re positioned in the room, you’ll always get the best possible view.

Can I customise my suspended fireplace?

Yes, there’s plenty of room for fun and personality with suspended and hanging fireplaces. We can customise them in a wide range of colours and prints, ranging from sleek sophisticated tones to energetic hues and even animal prints.

Our models come in a range of different shapes and profiles, meaning you can select a design that suits the character of the room and the overall charm of your building.

How much does it cost to install a suspended fireplace?

The cost of installing a suspended fireplace, also referred to as a floating fireplace, can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the materials used, the complexity of the installation, the location of the installation, customisation and any necessary permits and inspections.

Additional costs may include the cost of any structural modifications to accommodate the hanging fireplace such as support for the weight of the fireplace, the cost of running a gas line or installing a chimney, and the cost of finishing materials such as tile or stone.

It's important to work with a professional fireplace installer who can provide an accurate estimate based on the specific needs of your installation. Book a design consultation with us and we can help you choose the right type of fireplace for your home and budget.

How do I maintain a hanging fireplace?

Maintaining a hanging fireplace is important to ensure its safety and prolong its lifespan. Regularly clean the fireplace to remove any soot and debris. Regularly inspect the hanging fireplace for any signs of damage, such as cracks or loose parts. Check the chimney at least once a year to ensure that it is clean and free of any blockages. Consult your carbon monoxide detector to ensure dangerous toxins are being removed from the surrounding air.

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