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The warmth and beauty of a gas fireplace

Radiate warmth and comfort into your space with a gas fuelled designer fireplace, covering various configurations for both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Gas fireplace installations

Gas fireplaces are an ideal solution for properties that already have a gas connection, requiring the addition of a flue to remove byproducts.

Exquisite designer gas-fuelled fireplaces

Our gas fireplaces can be designed to fit almost any aesthetic, making them a versatile and attractive choice for homeowners and interior designers.

gas fireplace in contemporary home

Gas Fireplaces FAQs

Can I get a corner fireplace that's gas-fired?

At this moment in time, we do not offer a dedicated 'corner gas fireplace' however we do have some smaller models, that can be mounted in towards a corner location to reduce the comsumed footprint in the room.

Can a central suspended fireplace be gas-fuelled?

We have some products int he range that are entirely suspended, appearing to float above the floor, that are fuelled by gas.We also have a wide range of base mounted, floor standing models that are also gas fired.Gas is a reliable fuel providing convenience, controllable temperature options and an amazing realistic effect... all at the touch of a button!Do gas fireplaces require a chimney?~We have some products that require a conventional open chimney, and also others that are room sealed, balanced flue appliances using a much smaller flue configuration with the possibilities of 90 degree bends.Please ask for information, tell us your ideas and we will find the perfect solution with you.

Do gas fireplaces require a chimney?

Gas fireplaces do not require a traditional chimney like wood-burner fireplaces do. Instead, they can be vented through a small pipe that goes through an exterior wall or roof. This makes them easier to install in homes that do not have a chimney or that cannot support a traditional fireplace.

Why are gas fireplaces a popular option?

Gas fireplaces are a popular option for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why:

  1. Convenience: Gas fireplaces are very convenient to use. They can be turned on and off with the push of a button or remote control, and they do not require any wood or other fuel to be added. This means that there is no need to store or chop wood, and no need to clean up ashes or soot.
  2. Cleanliness: Gas fireplaces do not produce smoke, soot, or ash like traditional wood-burner fireplaces do. This means that they are much cleaner to use.
  3. Energy efficiency: Gas fireplaces are generally energy-efficient.
  4. Design options: Gas fireplaces come in a wide range of designs, from traditional to modern. They can be customised to fit almost any design aesthetic, and they can be designed to fit into almost any space.

Overall, gas fireplaces are a popular option for those who want the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace without the need for refuelling, cleaning and maintenance of a wood burning alternative.

Can you get wall-mounted gas fires?

Most certainly. Caleo is a leading supplier of wall-mounted gas fires along with several other fuel types. If gas is your preferred fuel, we can take you through the full range of products that are available to you as gas fired.

A wall mounted gas fireplace adds a modern luxury twist on the traditional gas fire. With dedicated balanced flue, high efficiency models we can offer a fireplace with instant ambiance and warmth at the touch of a button.

Are gas fireplaces safe to use?

Yes, gas fireplaces are generally considered safe to use.. Additionally, many gas fireplaces come with safety features such as automatic shut-off switches, oxygen sensing devices to ensure complete combustion and room sealed flue gas extraction.

How much does it cost to install a gas fireplace?

The cost of installing a suspended fireplace can vary widely depending on a number of factors.

Book a design consultation with us and we can help you choose the right type of gas fireplace for your home and budget.

What are the design options for gas fireplaces?

Our Gas fireplaces come in a range of designs, from traditional to modern. They can be designed to look like a traditional wood-burner fireplace, or they can be designed with a sleek and modern look.

Are gas fireplaces energy-efficient?

Gas fireplaces are generally considered to be more energy-efficient than traditional wood-burner fireplaces, as they produce more heat with less fuel. They also do not require the same amount of maintenance and cleaning as wood-burner fireplaces.

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