Eva 992 Corner

The iconic EVA fireplace, expertly crafted to fit into a corner location. Experience the grandeur and beauty of the EVA whilst using a tiny footprint on the room. Airwash protected glazed windows for a clear view of the flames, controlled within. DEFAR approved for legal woodbrning use within smoke control areas.
JC Bordelet
Wood Burner


JC Bordelet
Eva 992 Central
JC Bordelet
Eva 992 Wall-Mounted
JC Bordelet
Eva 992 Central Gas
JC Bordelet
Eva 992 Wall-Mounted Gas
JC Bordelet
Eva 992 Central Vapour Flame Effect
JC Bordelet
Eva 992 Wall-Mounted Vapour Flame Effect

Product Specs

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corner fireplace icon
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Hanging & Suspended
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Fuel Types
wood burner fireplace icon
Wood Burner
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electric fireplace icon
paintbrush icon - standard paint finish
Standard Paint
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Rusted Steel
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DEFRA Approved
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CE Marked
'HE' Balanced Flue
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360 Rotating
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Base Pedestal

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How do I get started on my corner fireplace project?

If you would like to discover our full range of corner design fireplaces for yourself, please download our brochure to learn more.

If you need any help or advice about the model that would best suit your needs, call us on 0114 3221592.

You can also email us, which will give us a greater opportunity to discuss your project. We can advise on our full range of products including the style of fireplace, fuel type, colour options and more. Whatever you have in mind for your fireplace, allow Caleo to make it a reality.

Can I get a corner fireplace that's a wood-burner?

Yes! Wood is timelessly associated with fire, from a rustic setting within the great outdoors to the luxury design statement it can make when housed within a specialist fireplace. Our wood burning corner fireplaces deliver the ambiance and warmth, in a safe and controllable environment.

Can I get a corner fireplace that's gas-fired?

At this moment in time, we do not offer a dedicated 'corner gas fireplace' however we do have some smaller models, that can be mounted in towards a corner location to reduce the comsumed footprint in the room.

Are corner fireplaces less efficient than traditional ones?

We have fireplaces suitable for corner application, that are highly efficient, with very low particulate emissions.

How much does a corner fireplace cost?

The cost of a corner fireplace can vary widely depending on the size, style, and fuel source. We will provide accurate quotations for your bespoke fireplace during our process, and include the other elements such as flue and installation, all n a proposal created specifically for you.

How do I maintain a corner fireplace?

Maintaining a corner fireplace involves regular cleaning and inspection. The fireplace should be cleaned of ash and debris after each use, and the exterior should be wiped down periodically to remove dust and dirt. It's also important to have the fireplace inspected and serviced by a professional technician at least once a year to ensure that it's working properly and safely.

Can I customise my corner fireplace?

Yes, there’s plenty of room for fun and personality with corner fireplaces. We can customise them in a wide range of colours and prints, ranging from sleek sophisticated tones to energetic hues and even animal prints.

Our models come in a range of different shapes and profiles, meaning you can select a design that suits the character of the room and the overall charm of your building.

Can we have an electric corner fireplaces?

Yes, we can convert certain corner models with an electric effect, and there are also some central and suspended fireplaces within our range that can be located towards a corner location.

Do corner fireplaces require special venting or chimneys?

Any fireplace that burns wood or gas, will need a means to evacuate the waste products of combustion.We will design the appropriate technical solution for your project, and cover the exhaust and chimney design.

How do I get my corner fireplace installed?

Once we have gone through the design and specification process, we will issue with site preparation details.This will include necessary heat protection measures for mounting walls, flue passage and design and necessary inwards ventilation and services.Our team will then complete the installation as designed, leaving you with a fully commissioned, certified and wonderful designer fireplace, which has been made for you.

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Energy Specification

Nominal heating power: 8.2 kWPerformance: 78.5% with Natural gasNominal heating power: 7.0 kWPerformance: 77.7% with Butane/Propane


The corner version of the flagship model from J C Bordelet is understated yet stylish, with an unrivalled finish and stunning view of the wood fire. This curvaceous steel fireplace instantly becomes the natural heart of the home. Large ceramic glass windows safely enclose the burning wood, and the base has various surface finish options.

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