Bespoke Electric Fireplaces: Style, Functionality & Innovation


In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, electric fireplaces are emerging as a viable alternative into projects where heat is not the primary objective. 

At Caleo, we invite you to embark on a journey through our curated collection of bespoke and custom-designed electric fireplaces

This guide delves into the world of CALEO fireplaces, and the electric options and variants we can provide. 

Understanding our Electric Fireplace options

Just like any other electric fire, our products will provide a simulated realistic flame effect, and in some instances will deliver a small amount of background heat.

Designed to be perfectly effective in homes or locations with other main forms of heating, we can still provide an incredible focal point without the need for burning wood or gas, and the necessary flue system is no longer required to remove the waste products of combustion from the house.

Able to run from a standard 13amp supply, installation becomes much more straightforward and we have models that can be incorporated into custom base and seating arrangements, or can float amazingly suspended from the ceiling.

Effortless Operation:

A real benefit and attraction to electric fireplaces, is delivered by the effortless operation.

Simply press a button on the remote control, and see your fireplace spring to life. Instantly the ambiance is amazing, the illusion of warmth radiating from the fireplace and with options to control the speed and intensity of the flame effect often provided.

wall-mounted electric fireplace

Compare to lighting a wood fire, cleaning and preparation are not required, along with the process of  tending to the flames and re-fuelling resigned to history.

The Art of Flame Illusion:

The Art of Flame Illusion in our electric fireplaces is a testament to the marriage of cutting-edge technology and artistic design. While traditional fireplaces rely on the natural dance of real flames, electric fireplaces elevate the experience through a meticulously crafted illusion. 

We have 2 different kinds of solution, depending on the model. 

360º Fireplaces.

For a 360º circular fireplace, we offer a water driven based effect that creates a mesmerising flame by evaporating small amounts of water, creating a mist that rises above the realistic logs whilst being cleverly illuminated to create the dancing flames.

The Eva 992 Vapour Flame Effect by JC Bordelet stands as a contemporary electric fireplace featuring a suspended canopy and sophisticated design. This remarkable electric fireplace offers a plethora of colour options, ranging from captivating animal prints to vibrant hues. 

central electric fireplace
Eva electric fireplace - vapour effect

The Eva 992 Vapour Flame Effect by JC Bordelet stands as a contemporary electric fireplace featuring a suspended canopy and sophisticated design. This remarkable electric fireplace offers a plethora of colour options, ranging from captivating animal prints to vibrant hues. The extensive selection of RAL shades and specialised BRUTE finishes allows for a personalised touch.

Suspended electric fireplaces

For a suspended fireplace, hanging or floating from the ceiling it is a completely different method. State of the art ‘holographic’ technology utilising a high resolution monitor inside the fireplace, with video of actual flames projected using mirrors to appear as if they are rising up through the realistic logs below. Absolutely incredible and lifelike. A special audio function brings the crackle, with clever underbed lighting to complete the effect. Indistinguishable from the real thing!!!

Focus has reinvented fire as we know it with the all new Holographic, merging innovation, style and authenticity. Incredible 'real' flames, flickering through a log effect base make this visually in-distinguishable from a real wood fire. 

floating electric fireplace
Ergofocus Holographic fireplace

Whether in a private home, desirable restaurant or a luxury hotel, these electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere. No heat, so perfectly suited to modern homes or public spaces where its all about the ambiance! 


Safety is always paramount in the realm of fireplaces, and it is no different for our electric solutions.  Unlike wood-burning models and gas fired fireplaces, that involve real flames and combustible fuels, hot surfaces and waste products of combustion… electric fireplaces eliminate the inherent risks associated with traditional fireplaces. 

With no actual fire produced, there is no risk of sparks, embers or accidental flare-ups, providing peace of mind for families and individuals alike. Additionally, the absence of hot surfaces, smoke, fumes or gases offer a different solution to traditional fuel burning options.

Ready to Start your Electric Fireplace Project?

We supply a wide range of JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces electric fireplaces made to the highest quality. As exclusive and leading suppliers respectively, we can find the exact requirement for your home!

You could have a realistic electric effect or holographic fireplace handcrafted in France to your particular requirements. Just get in touch with our team of electric fireplace specialists to find out more about our service. 

As we continue to redefine the art of fireplace design, our commitment to providing unique and personalised experiences remains unwavering. Explore our curated collection of bespoke electric fireplaces by booking a visit to our showroom.

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