Large Fireplace Ideas that Make a Statement in Your Home


Nothing makes a statement like an oversized luxury fireplace. Tie your space together with a large fireplace, and make it the focal point of the room.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek stone fireplace or a rustic wood-burner, we’ve got some large fireplace ideas for you.

Things to consider with large fireplaces 

One thing to remember when incorporating a large fireplace into your home is that it can be quite expensive to install and maintain. If you’re not prepared to make a significant investment, you may want to consider a smaller-scale option. But if you are prepared to go big, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

First, you’ll need to decide on the material you want your fireplace to be made of. Stone and brick are popular choices, but there are also options like concrete and metal. After you’ve chosen a material, you’ll need to find a contractor who can help you bring your vision to life.

Once your large fireplace is installed, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper chimney cleaning and maintenance done on a regular basis. This is essential to prevent dangerous fires from starting. But with a little bit of care, your large fireplace will be a warm and inviting focal point in your home for years.

Large fireplace inspiration

Model: JC Bordelet Eva 992

Eva 992 Central

If you’re brainstorming large fireplace ideas, the Eva 992 is a good place to start. The Eva 992 is the flagship model from JC Bordelet, and it’s one of their largest designs. The central design and steel finish is perfect for a range of interior styles and spaces. The fireplace is available in a number of luxury lacquers, animal prints, and JC Bordelet’s standard paint finishes. Stylise your fireplace to match your home, and make the most out of a large roaring fire. 

This model is currently undergoing some changes to align with the EcoDesign 2022 regulations. Currently, the Eva 992 is a decorative design – with gas and wood-burning options still to be confirmed. 

Model: JC Bordelet Julietta 985 Mural

Julietta 985 Mural

JC Bordelet’s Julietta 985 is the perfect statement fireplace. Its large brick hearth radiates heat and improves the fireplace’s durability. The metal hood frames the open fire and lets the flames do the talking. The Julietta would complement a home with clean lines and sleek pieces of furniture. 

Large fireplace ideas for your home

Hang a large mirror above the mantelpiece

A large fireplace can overwhelm a space without the right amount of styling. Balance the size of the fireplace with an oversized mirror above the mantlepiece, and play with the dimensions of the room. A mirror works particularly well with a marble or slate fireplace. The mirror and polished surface of the marble fireplace will bounce the light around the surrounding walls.

Decorate the mantelpiece with a few key pieces

Find a few accessories that reflect your personal style and display them around the fire surround. You could choose some modern ornaments in bold colours to modernise a natural stone fireplace.  Smaller accessories, like a few family photos, help break up the fireplace’s largeness and make it feel more homely. 

Furthermore, you also need to consider whether a gas fireplace or wood-burning stove is better suited to your space. Some people prefer the convenience and consistency of electric fires, while others enjoy the aesthetics of firewood. You need to find a chimney breast and fireplace design that works for your home. 

Make the brick fireplace a focal point 

Most large fireplace ideas are going to stand out in your home, so embrace it. Make the fireplace a focal point in your living room and base the rest of your interior design around it. For example, you could pair an exposed brick fireplace with minimal furniture and clean lines.  Equally, a large wooden fireplace surround would benefit from a more eclectic interior style with plenty of natural materials and textures. 

Use it as a room divider

A large fireplace can be used in open-plan homes to divide different spaces. You could install a large wood-burning stove between the living room and dining room to signal they are two separate spaces. In the living room, the oversized wood burner is the centre point of the relaxed atmosphere. While in the dining room, the fireplace is more of a background feature, flickering throughout the evening. Your style choices are likely to differ in these two areas as well. For example, the dining room may have a more minimalist approach compared to the cosiness of the living room. 

Model: JC Bordelet Julietta Black Line Central

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