Julietta 985 Wall-Mounted

Using the same basic shape as the central version, the wall mounted gives a beautiful large fire window which can be mounted against the wall.
JC Bordelet
Wood Burner


JC Bordelet
Julietta 985 Corner
JC Bordelet
Julietta 985 Central
JC Bordelet
Julietta Black Line Central

Product Specs

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Hanging & Suspended
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Wood Burner
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Rusted Steel
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Base Pedestal

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What's the difference between a traditional fireplace and a wall-mounted fireplace from Caleo?

When researching fireplace options, traditional fireplaces offer a sense of familiarity. But, as they often require a chimney, the precise location will be fixed, and in the end... they all look pretty much the same!

Our Wall-mounted fireplaces are derived from our spectacular 'Central fireplace designs' but cleverly made to mount against a wall.

We have models fuelled by wood, gas and even electric effect so whatever your preferences, you can have that spectacular fireplace against the wall where it will not occupy quite as much room as the central version.Our wall mounted fireplaces create a striking design statement that most certainly will not fade into the background, as can sadly be the case with other lacklustre fireplace styles.

Can I get a wall-mounted fireplace with a base pedestal?

Yes - wall mounted on pedestal design fireplaces are a floor to ceiling concept, consisting of a flue, fire and a base. Their captivating enigma eliminates the need for pieces of art to adorn the walls, since the design is elongated across the entire height of the wall space.Some of our models are available with a base pedestal if thats your preference... be sure to ask.

Check out the JC Bordelet Lea

Can wall-mounted fireplaces be wood-burning?

Yes - combining the rustic charm of a real log fire with the eloquence of a designer fireplace, wall-mounted wood-burning fires are the very definition of design excellence. With a view of the wood seductively cindering through the glass, a sense of outdoor living, off-grid warmth and the crackle and ambiance of a wood fire can be enjoyed indoors all year round.

Can you get wall-mounted gas fires?

Most certainly. Caleo is a leading supplier of wall-mounted gas fires along with several other fuel types. If gas is your preferred fuel, we can take you through the full range of products that are available to you as gas fired.

A wall mounted gas fireplace adds a modern luxury twist on the traditional gas fire. With dedicated balanced flue, high efficiency models we can offer a fireplace with instant ambiance and warmth at the touch of a button.

How do you install wall-mounted fireplaces?

Caleo offers a full range of services relating to JC Bordelet and Focus fireplaces, as not only will we supply your chosen fireplace, but our trusted fitters will install your wall-mounted fireplace for you. The work is specialist owing to the unique design of these designer fireplace pieces, which is why expert installation is essential to ensure the potential of your project is reached, with a focus on both safety and customer satisfaction.

Do you sell electric wall mounted fireplaces?

At this moment, we have one product specifically designed for wall morning, that can have the vapour effect conversion for an electric solution.The central style fireplaces can be located very close to adjacent walls and into corner locations, as there is no heat.. so this will often be a solution.

Speak with us about your ideas and we will try to find the solution for you.

Can I customise my wall-mounted fireplace?

Yes, there’s plenty of room for fun and personality with wall-mounted fireplaces. Our models come in a range of different shapes and profiles, meaning you can select a design that suits the character of the room and the overall charm of your building.

As all out products are bespoke, we can design the solution that works for you. Some models have different colour options and surface finishes for that absolute personal style.

How do I maintain a wall-mounted fireplace?

Maintaining a wall-mounted fireplace is important to ensure its safety and prolong its lifespan. Regularly clean the fireplace to remove any soot and debris and inspect the hanging fireplace for any signs of damage, such as cracks or loose parts.

Check the chimney at least once a year to ensure that it is clean and free of any blockages and consult your carbon monoxide detector to ensure dangerous toxins are being removed from the surrounding air.

Product Guides

Energy Specification

This model is from the ‘DECORATIVE RANGE’ of appliances from J C Bordelet.These are designated as ‘one off’ productions, large format and for specific design and architectural installations.The «DECORATIVE RANGE» is not submitted to performance criteria and energy labelling.The commission regulation (EU)2015/1185 (eco-conception requirements) and the commission delegated regulation (EU) 2015/1186 (energy labelling) clearly define that they shall not apply to local space heaters specified for purposes other than indoor space heating to reach and maintain a certain thermal comfort of human beings.This product is designed for decorative purposes only, and will be designed and made specifically for your project.


With its signature JC Bordelet suspended hood and return, brick hearth and flawless finish, the Julietta 985 fireplace was one of the first designed by Jean Claude Bordelet. Even at that early stage, it introduced a simple yet daring style to home interiors.

The 985 central fireplace was one of the first designs, however he was not entirely happy with a corner version created simply by cutting a section out. So the hood was completely redesigned to beautifully sit in the corner of a room, with the break in the central connecting line giving this model its unique character. It offers a particularly beautiful view of the wood fire.The suspended version gives the flames a nice height, the large windows allow to see the fire all around this fireplace. The silk-screened windows, from which it gets its "black line" designation, allow a larger view of the flames.

This fireplace can take 50 cm logs, which is rare for a wood stove. Suspending a fireplace is a mark of the know-how of the JC Bordelet design office and its boilermaker employees. With this model of Julietta 985 fireplace you will choose a different but efficient wood stove.

The floor-standing Julietta 985 fireplace, with its interplay of rounded shapes and sharp lines, combines the elegant curves of its hood with the cube space of its firebox. This is how JC Bordelet achieved a fireplace with a large fire and generous view of the flames while ensuring a balanced, visually appealing design. The screen-printed glass panels emphasising the bottom of the hood are to the fire what a velvet case is to a set of jewels. They showcase the flames yet remain discreet.

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