Everything you Need to Know About Log Burner Fireplaces


With just one flame, log burner fireplaces can transform your living space into a cosy oasis – that’s bang on-trend. Wood burners are popular with architects, interior designers and homeowners alike. Whether it’s a suspended log burning stove or a central open fire, we have a log burner for you. 

As the leading supplier of JC Bordelet Fireplaces, Caleo is a proud stockist of wood-burning stoves. We have a wide range of models, from traditional wood-burning stoves to swivel design fireplaces. 

We believe in fireplaces with personality and practicality. Most of our models come in a wide range of colours and prints, spanning from neutral tones to bold prints. Experience the extraordinary with a wood burner from Caleo.

Find your perfect wood-burning stove

We work with homeowners, architects and designers to install dream fireplaces across the UK. 

Check out our most popular log burners below. 

Lea 998 

Despite being the smallest fireplace in the JC Bordelet collection, this model sure packs a punch. The suspended lantern design boasts over 80% efficiency and an output of 9.8 kW – making it economically and environmentally friendly. Watch the flames flicker from the 360-degree silk-screen printed glasses, and make the Lea 998 a centrepiece in your home. 

Model: JC Bordelet Lea 998

Calista 917 

The Calista 917 is the latest, technologically advanced floating fireplace from JC Bordelet. Available as a single-sided or double-sided central log burner with a rotating fire chamber. The ‘triple wall flue’ makes it airtight and perfect for installation in low-energy homes without the need for additional ventilation. 

Model: JC Bordelet Calista 917

Julietta 985

All the way back in 1985, Julietta 985 was the first fireplace to be developed by JC Bordelet. 

Its curvaceous chimney breast gives way to a display of open flames in a glass surround. This central wood burner fireplace is the perfect centrepiece for a larger space.

The Julietta 985 is currently in the ‘Decorative Range’ as a one-off production, large format architectural installation. 

Model: JC Bordelet Julietta 985

EcoDesign 2022

EcoDesign 2022 is a new set of regulations that will impose stricter emission standards for log burner fireplaces. Manufacturers will need to design their wood burners differently, and consumers may need to use different fuel options or even multi-fuel stoves. Ultimately. The new regulations on wood-burning stoves will improve air quality and reduce the environmental impact of fireplaces.

JC Bordelet is currently making adaptations to existing products and developing new models to conform with the EcoDesign 2022 regulations. In the meantime, you may notice that some of our fireplaces are now categorised as ‘Decorative’ models with efficiency, heat output and performance figures removed. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our wood-burning stoves or your next installation.

Log Burner FAQs

Can you put a log burner in a fireplace?

You must have a class 1 chimney to fit a wood burner. If you are switching from a gas fire to a wood-burner, you may have a class 2 or pre-cast flue. These options are not suitable for a wood-burning stove. 

Is it cheaper to run log burner fireplaces?

The initial installation cost of a log burner tends to be at a higher price point – especially if a flue system needs to be installed. However, once the initial installation is complete, the cost of running a wood burner tends to be lower than a gas or electric fire. You can reduce your household energy consumption, and lower your carbon footprint. 

Will log burners be phased out?

Wood-burning stoves are not banned. However, the new EcoDesign 2022 regulations have introduced stricter emissions standards for wood-burning stoves. You may notice some of JC Bordelet’s designs are under the ‘Decorative Range’ right now. These models are undergoing some revisions to align with the new regulations. 

What fireplace should I get with a log burner?

The fireplace really depends on the log burner design. For example, an exposed wooden beam above a traditional wood-burning stove is perfect for rustic styles. Here at Caleo, we adore statement fireplaces in safari prints, bold colours and unique designs. Most of our fireplaces are designed to stand on their own, without the need for a fireplace surround. 

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