Everything You Need to Know About Bespoke Fireplaces


When it comes to buying a fireplace, you can either choose one off the shelf or choose something handcrafted with you in mind. Caleo’s bespoke fireplaces are designed to suit your every requirement – from the fuel to the base design. 

Here at Caleo, we believe there is always room for personality in interior design. Our customisable gas fires and wood burners from JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces will make a statement in your home. They create colour, style and, of course, an ambient warmth throughout the room.

In today’s blog post, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of bespoke fireplaces and the design options available to you. 

Why you need a bespoke fireplace 

Get the details right

A bespoke fireplace is made just for you. We consider every element of your bespoke fire, from the material to the tools used to install the project. We start with a sketch of the exact dimensions of the fireplace and the precise details that will bring everything together. 

Add value to your home

Your interior decor might change – but your bespoke fireplace is here to stay. Our designer fireplaces can boost the value of your property and provide the ideal centrepiece for a modern building. Our fireplaces are manufactured to last, so we make every design timeless. 

Fit your requirements

Every home is different. A bespoke fireplace can be customised to your exact requirements – and we make sure every single detail is manufactured to perfection. Our fireplaces benefit from expert installation services, making the setup as straightforward as possible. We also provide aftercare services to keep your piece in good condition long after it’s been installed. 

With a bespoke fireplace, you can choose a design that fits your every need without having to compromise on certain ideas. 

Model: Focus Fireplaces Sigmafocus Outdoor Fireplace

What design options are available for bespoke fireplaces?

We offer a wide range of design options to make our existing designs just right for your home. Browse through our website or brochure to see the different designs and customisable options available. Some styles come in multiple colour options, such as black, anthracite, chocolate and taupe standard finish paint. Other designs have the option of a luxury high gloss lacquer finish or different fuel options. You could add a rotation or suspension feature to your bespoke fireplace – or stick with the classic wood burner design. Unlike the standard electric fire suite, our designer fireplaces showcase a live display of flames and ambience.

One of our designers, JC Bordelet, works alongside architects and planners to design concept drawings and visualisations. From the outset, they like to consider what the designer fireplace will look like in real-life. Then, they move on to the technicalities of the flue system and CAD images. 

Model: JC Bordelet Zelia 908

For example, JC Bordelet’s Zelia 908 is one of the most luxurious and contemporary customisable fireplaces in their collection. You can finish this bespoke fireplace in almost any RAL shade – from peppermint green to vibrant orange. Or, mix it up and choose one of the unique BRUTE finishes to make your fire stand out from the crowd. 

Gas bespoke fireplaces

Our designers offer gas fireplaces in a range of shapes and styles. A gas fire provides continuous heat, and there is no need to haul firewood through the house. There’s no cleaning, and it’s much easier to operate than other types of fireplace. Some of our designs can be modified to suit your requirements if you prefer a gas fireplace. 

Model: JC Bordelet Eva 992 Central

For example, JC Bordelet’s flagship fireplace, the Eva 992 Central, can be adapted to gas with a balanced flue of 100/150mm. This design has been featured in alpine chalets and luxury hotels all around the world. Pair this simple fireplace with marble or stone accent features throughout the room for a modern twist. 

Bespoke wood-burning fireplaces

It’s all about the wood-burning fireplace right now. You can cosy up on the sofa and watch the fire sizzle in front of your favourite TV show. 

JC Bordelet has taken the wood-burning fireplace to the next level with the latest technologically advanced heating machine in the Calista 917. It can be fitted with a sealed triple wall flue, making it airtight and perfect for installation in low energy homes. 

Model: JC Bordelet Lea 998

Equally, the Lea 998 is a screen-printed glass-fronted wood burner with a whopping 81% efficiency. You can choose from on base, central and suspension options with this high-performing log burner. 

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