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When you are looking to create a homely feel in your property, whether it be your place of residence or even a commercial space such as a restaurant, hotel or spa, every element must be subject to careful thought and consideration. 

With a fireplace, it’s so easy to stick to the traditional well known formats. Though, when in search of luxury, such designs don’t always fit the brief. Instead, we have just the ticket here at Caleo Ltd, with our exquisite handcrafted luxury fireplaces by JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces. 

Our fireplaces feature a number of styles and designs that can’t be found for sale anywhere else in the UK. So, if you are looking to break away from the ordinary and experience the extraordinary, you’re certainly in the right place! 

Here are our top picks of the best luxury fireplace ideas to try in 2022 and beyond to inspire you.

Pssst: Want to do more than just look at our fireplaces? Every model mentioned in this piece is for sale through our website, with UK and Ireland wide delivery and installation available. Simply skip to the end of this post to give us a call or drop us an email and we can arrange a private viewing of any of our fireplace models for you. 

1. Luxury Modern Living Room With Floating Fireplace 

Model featured: Zelia 908

Living rooms are one of the most popular locations for a fireplace, and with good reason. After all, is there anything better than sitting down to watch your favourite movie, with the gentle flickering flames of a fireplace gently dancing away in the background? 

The wonderful aspect of a fireplace, especially a designer fireplace is that no matter your decor there’s always going to be a style to suit. Whatsmore, luxury fireplaces are designed to offer a timeless look, so if you update your interiors in the future, your fireplace is going to remain an incredibly stylish staple of the room. In fact, additional artwork is simply not necessary with a JC Bordelet or Focus fireplace, since the fireplace itself is a thing of beauty. 

So whether your living room features rustic floorboards and exposed brick walls, or is adorned with ultra sleek marble tiles and plush furnishings, or even bold statement colours – a luxury fireplace will slot right in perfectly. 

Best of all, as a space in which you’ll spend most of the time together as a family or when entertaining, your living room will always remain comfortably warm too. 

2. Luxury Master Bedroom With Suspended & Rotating Fireplace

Model featured: JC Bordelet Tatiana 997

The standard way of heating a bedroom is through radiators or even underfloor heating. Though can either of these options truly be considered luxurious, when with a fireplace, you can actually see the heat, rather than just feel it? 

Bedrooms are designed to be sacred spaces, as a place of comfort and relaxation. So why not maximise the standard of living your bedroom provides by installing a bespoke fireplace? In particular, a floating fireplace like our above example will add divine optical interest, especially to mid sections of blank walls. 

For master suites, a luxury fireplace will not only cleverly zone the space, but it will provide an ambient level of warmth that gently radiates throughout the entire room. So, rather than having hot and cold spots, your whole master suite will be evenly heated, which also makes the space more user friendly too. 

3. Luxury Open Plan Kitchen Floating Fireplace

Model featured: Zelia 908

‘Can you have a fireplace in the kitchen?’ ask a flurry of discerning homeowners, interior and architects online. The answer is a resounding yes! 

For open plan properties especially, you may find you and your guests gravitate towards the kitchen. In which case, such vast open spaces can be prone to a chill. Placing a fireplace in between the areas where the cooking, dining or lounging takes place will make the space quite literally feel warm and inviting. 

Let’s not forget that decadent pieces such as our luxury fireplaces are designed to be talking points too. No matter which JC Bordelet or Focus piece you opt for, you can be certain your guests will find the finished result truly mesmerising. 

Hopefully, whatever you cook up in the kitchen will also follow suit, though that part’s on you! 

4. Luxury Central Fireplace on Base Pedestal

Model featured: Eva 992

It’s no secret that luxury fireplaces look exquisite in new homes just as they do in heritage properties. Though for anyone planning to renovate their home or even build a home from scratch in 2022 and beyond, what better opportunity to make your fireplace centre stage of your new space?

The difference with a luxury fireplace, is that every millimetre is crafted to perfection. Take the above Eva 992 as an example, and you can see how its sleek flue gradually tapers off into a curvaceous hood and base design. The piece envelops the entire floor to ceiling space, which is something that simply can’t be found with regular ‘off the shelf’ fireplaces. 

There’s also plenty of options when it comes to furnishings too, since you can retain a spacious feel with minimal furniture use, or even place curved seating around your fireplace to really emphasise its unusual yet utterly intriguing design. 

5. Luxury Floating Fireplace for Vast Living Spaces

Model featured: Focus Fireplace Agorafocus 630

Floating and luxury are the perfect pairing within interior design. For example, floating vanity units that can be found in the most stylish of bathrooms. So why not continue to defy gravity throughout the rest of your living space with a floating fireplace? 

Having free space underneath the fireplace adds an interesting twist to the concept of a fireplace. It’s raised platform also ensures that the heat gently flows outwards, helping to directly warm those who are in the space more effectively, especially if seating areas are located close by. 

As you can also see from our above image, whether the fireplace is located in the centre of the room or by a captivating window view, it does not compete for attention making it an extremely versatile piece. Plus, by placing it by a feature window, you can simultaneously enjoy those gorgeous views of the landscape while basking in the captivating heat of your delightful floating fireplace. 

6. Luxury Colourful Fireplaces for Entertainment Spaces

Model featured: Marina 992

 A huge aspect of any luxury piece is the ability to be able to customise it to your exact taste and specifications. Fireplaces aren’t typically associated with a wide spectrum of colours, though one luxury design idea you can try in 2022 is playing with pops of colour, and your fireplace is no exception.

The range of choices not to mention prints you can choose for your fireplace is truly endless. So whether you want to choose a daring hue to be paired against plain decor, or if you crave a colour that will continue an existing theme within the room, your wish is our command. 

Of course, no luxury fireplace would be complete without a designer’s seal of approval. For the ultimate savoir faire, our Eva 992 fireplace is available in a range of animal print designs that have been conceptualised by fashion designer Paco Rabanne. 

7. Luxury Outdoor Fireplace Idea

Model featured: Ergofocus Outdoor

It is often a wonderful surprise for our customers when they learn they can place a fireplace outdoors, since outdoor fireplaces are the epitome of high class landscaping and garden design. 

As well as being a luxury staple, one of the main benefits of outdoor fireplaces is that they allow you to maximise the usage time of your outdoor areas, especially during the autumn and winter months. 

Imagine sitting by the fire on a cool autumnal evening – glass in hand – while the flames flicker away. Maybe you can even enjoy a spot of alfresco dining with friends and family. Trust us, the optical view of the fire and the ambient heat it provides will make you want to stay put rather than head inside. 

Outdoor fireplaces are equally popular for commercial environments too, especially the likes of bars or restaurants that have external seating or dining areas.

What To Consider When Buying A Fireplace 

Which room to put the fireplace in? – Traditionally, a living room is where a fireplace is installed. But when you opt for a luxury designer fireplace, the options are as bespoke as the fireplace itself! In addition, we also install in commercial as well as residential environments, meaning wherever the warmth is needed, our stunning JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces pieces will rise to the challenge. 

What luxury fireplace design would best suit your project? – We stock central design fireplaces, wall design fireplaces, corner fireplaces, suspended fireplaces, rotating fireplaces and designer fireplaces. Click on the menu at the top of this page or download our brochure below to see more! 

What colour do you want your fireplace to be? – The difference with luxury fireplaces is that you aren’t limited when it comes to colour and finish options. As noted in our brochure, our fireplaces are bespoke with up to 180 colour options. So, if you don’t want a traditional black fireplace, we can certainly help you find the perfect shade for your project. 

How to design a luxury living room with fireplace? – Our designer fireplaces will be a statement piece in your living room (or any other room you choose for the installation). Consider how the rest of the interiors will work around the fireplace, particularly if you opt for a central or suspended fireplace design. 

P.S: For some design inspiration, check out our customer projects on Houzz! We’d also be happy to advise on what has worked successfully for our other clients based on the fireplace model you opt for. 

Fireplace Fuel Options

All of our JC Bordelet fireplaces and Focus Fireplaces can be supplied in a range of fuel options. Further information can be found by downloading our brochure, giving us a call or visiting our showroom in person. 

In the meantime, here’s an overview of the fuel options for our luxury fireplaces to guide you. 

Luxury Gas Fireplaces

Gas is a convenient fuel option for fireplaces, especially for properties that already have an existing gas supply. The heat provided will be continuous, without the need to add wood to maintain the fire. In addition, less cleaning is required with a gas fire. 

Luxury Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood fireplaces have a rustic charm about them, since the flames feel more natural in terms of intensity, depending on the amount of wood placed on the fire. If the property is off-grid or doesn’t have an existing gas supply, a wood burning fireplace is an ideal solution. Though, we can also install a wood burning fireplace in any property type, regardless of the existing fuel supply. 

Luxury Ethanol Fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces are a modern choice, and have a wide range of benefits including easy installation, being environmentally friendly while being clean to operate. Ethanol as a fuel source is also cost-effective, and as the heat is retained exceptionally well within the room, it provides a very efficient heating system. 

Luxury Electric Fireplace 

Electric fireplaces also boast ease of cleaning as one of their main advantages. For any property that harnesses solar or other renewable energy sources, electric fireplaces can also prove cost-effective to run. Also, electric fireplaces are easy to install and relocate, and do not require a chimney as is the case with most other fireplace types. 

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Based in Sheffield, we offer a full design to installation service nationwide right across the UK and Ireland. 

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