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The Slimfocus GAS is a slender fireplace, designed to deliver maximum impact, with a large glazed chamber and a periscope of realistic flames behind. The fireplace has a tiny footprint, on its fixed base housing the latest battery operated gas control system with remote control. Perfect to position close to a wall, or into a corner situation with very low clearance requirements make this a very versatile, state of the art, highly efficient balanced flue gas fire. Its exceptionally fluid lines make the design one of Focus’s most stylistically revolutionary fireplaces.


Slimfocus Wall-Mounted Wood Burning
Slimfocus Central Glazed Wood Burning

Product Specs

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Hanging & Suspended
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Fuel Types
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Wood Burner
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Standard Paint
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Rusted Steel
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DEFRA Approved
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CE Marked
'HE' Balanced Flue
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360 Rotating
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Base Pedestal

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Will a central fireplace suit my home?

Our central fireplaces are handcrafted in France and will be built to your exact requirements. Our models come in a range of different shapes and profiles, encouraging you to select the design that suits the character of the room and the overall charm of your building.

Whether your property is hundreds of years old or a new build, a central fireplace will elegantly grace any environment it is placed within. With so many options available, including a full colour spectrum with some models, this particular style of fireplace, has a model to suit every decor.

Download our brochure to browse our full range of products. If you need any help or advice about the model that would best suit your needs, call us on 0114 3221592.

You can also send us a message, which will give us a greater opportunity to discuss your project. We can advise on our full range of products including the style of fireplace, fuel type, colour options and more. Whatever you have in mind for your fireplace, allow us to make it a reality.

Why are central fireplaces a popular design?

Within all areas of design and construction, trends are constantly evolving and in the quest for high performing, high quality design led solutions, the central fireplace, also known as suspended, floating or hanging fireplace (when not using a base pedestal) is a must have for the most discerning clients and spectacular spaces.

With fireplaces previously banished to the corner of the room, or hidden away within a draughty chimney breast, central fireplaces quite literally make both the warmth and visual aesthetics of your fireplace centre stage in any environment they are placed within.

Their panoramic design sets them apart from traditional options as you can gather around the fire in a circle while entertaining or spending quality time with loved ones and everyone gets to witness the truly impressive centrepiece.

Central fireplaces with glass enclosures are available in several of our models means no matter where you’re positioned in the room, you’ll always get the best possible view.

What is a central fireplace?

Modern central fireplaces serve as a visual point in the room whilst making a striking design statement. With a traditional fireplace, the fire itself is cast away, sitting flush against the wall or built into a chimney structure. However, a modern central fireplace seeks to make the fireplace a focal piece.

With a central fireplace, the fireplace itself envelops a floor to ceiling design, allowing for maximum visual impact. Not only does it look stunning, but a modern central fireplace is an excellent way to add value to your home or commercial space. Often used to define spaces, without building walls... a central fireplace offers the perfect divider maintaining an open aspect and flow of light within a room.

Does a fireplace have to be central?

Fireplaces come in many different configurations including corner design, wall design and of course, central design fireplaces. We would be more than happy to run through the full range of options depending on the type of space you are working with.

Though at a glance, central fireplaces bring the fireplace into the eye line of those in the room, rather than placing the fireplace against the wall or in the corner.

Placing the fireplace in the centre of the room is a favoured technique of architects and designers, as it adds an unexpected yet elegant twist from a design standpoint.

Where is the best place to put a central fireplace?

A central fireplace needs open space around it to maximise it’s visual aesthetic as well as ensuring the warmth and ambiance travels evenly across the room to avoid any cold spots.

For vast open spaces, traditional fireplaces may fail to adequately warm the space evenly, whereas a central heat producing fireplace will distribute the warmth gently across the entire room, creating a mesmerising focal piece as it does so.

With careful flue design and technical consideration, we can often find the perfect location for your central fireplace.

How do you install central fireplaces?

As the specialist provider of luxury central fireplaces, our services also include installation. When it comes to installing a central fireplace, we will advise you what will be involved when we receive details of your project, based on the model you choose and the space it will be placed within. Rest assured, we will ensure a thorough installation process that is guaranteed by our aftercare service.

Are suspended and hanging fireplaces safe?

Suspended and hanging fireplaces are completely safe when installed, maintained and operated properly. It’s important to consider some key aspects.

  1. First, the structural and load bearing integrity of the ceiling and the walls where the fireplace will be installed must be considered. We will guide you with the necessary technical requirements, that work with your particular project and selected model combination.
  2. Second, we will advice regarding your preferred fuel choice, and ensure that the necessary ventilation, CO detection, heat protection and efficient removal of waste product requirements are fully met.
  3. Third, hanging and central fireplaces will be secured against the pendulum effect if required, and sufficient load bearing will be designed within the ceiling structure.
How much does it cost to install a central fireplace?

The cost of installing a central fireplace will vary, depending factors, such as the type and style of fireplace, the complexity of the installation and the project location. During our design and proposal phase, we will provide you with full, itemised quotation to cover the necessary installation costs, particular to your exact project.

Book a design consultation with us and we can help you choose the right hanging and suspended fireplace for your home and budget.

How do I maintain a hanging fireplace?

Like any other type of fireplace, regular service and maintenance will be necessary.

Just because your fireplace is spectacular, unusual and bespoke.. the processes are much the same as the average fireplace.

Annual chimney sweeping for wood burning, an annual GAS SAFE engineer service for gas products would usually suffice.

Can I customise my central fireplace?

Yes, there’s plenty of room for fun, personality and individual tastes with our range of central fireplaces.We can often customise them in a wide range of colours and prints, ranging from sleek sophisticated tones to energetic hues and even animal prints.

Nothing that we produce is 'off the shelf' with everything being designed and manufactured to order... so if you have any particular preferences or ideas, we are happy to try and make them a reality.

Product Guides

Energy Specification

Nominal heat input (natural gas): 6 - 7 kW

Consumption (natural gas): 0,673 - 0,723 m3/h

Nominal heat input (propane): 3,6 - 4,1 kW

Consumption (propane): 0,116 - 0,144 m3/h3


The Slimfocus is a periscope of flames. Its hearth is either suspended (in which case it can pivot) or supported by a base and fixed in place. Its streamlined shape takes up little space, whether it is positioned centrally in a room, near a wall or in a corner.

Its exceptionally fluid lines make it one of Focus’s most stylistically revolutionary fireplaces.

Slimfocus is a multi-award-winning designer fireplace:

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