Interior Design Fireplace Ideas


As a source of heat, light, not to mention sheer optical beauty, a fireplace is an integral part of any living space within your home. In addition, fireplaces can also add design interest as well as various practical benefits in commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels and luxury resorts. 

For any property owner, interior designer or architect looking to update a particular space, choosing a fireplace will be a key decision within the project. Here at Caleo Ltd, we work with interior designers, architects and homeowners alike to bring them innovative solutions for their fireplace needs, as a UK stockist of JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces.

In today’s post, we will be sharing our top fireplace ideas with interior design in mind. All of the fireplaces featured in this post are for sale through our website. As well as supplying and installing our fireplaces across the UK and Ireland, we also have a showroom where you can view our pieces in person.

What Are The 7 Principles Of Interior Design?

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Details
  • Emphasis
  • Harmony and unity
  • Rhythm
  • Scale and proportion

Living Room Interior Design With Fireplace – Best Fireplace For A Living Room 

Model featured: Meijifocus 

Let’s kick off our list with living rooms – a place that is designed to be a sanctuary for family time and evenings spent relaxing. 

It’s perhaps no surprise that creating a comfortable environment that feels homely and inviting will always be the main priorities within living room interior design. The fireplace you choose will be instrumental in whether this outcome is achieved or not. 

A designer fireplace such as the above Meijifocus model from Focus Fireplaces provides an enchanting view of the flames. It also offers maximum flexibility in terms of the other features designers may wish to add to the space, since its circular base design can be used as a focal point in the room, or as a zoning feature to make open plan layouts feel more intimate.

With the Meijifocus in particular, there are so many interior design features that can complement the design, from an impressively filled bookshelf to a circular sofa. Even a stripped back brick wall and wooden flooring would create a rustic vibe, meaning no matter the theme of the room, a designer fireplace such as the Meijifocus is always going to work beautifully. 

Another wonderful aspect of any JC Bordelet or Focus model is that the very concept of a fireplace is reinvented. Instead of being banished to the corner of the room, the fireplace is allowed to take centre stage, which is both innovative and captivating in equal measures. 

Even if you don’t opt for a central or suspended style – the charm of a bespoke fireplace is difficult to miss. 

Interior Design Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace – Slimfocus Fireplace Range

Model featured: Slimfocus Suspended (wall mounted and on base models also available)

A true testament to the ability for a designer fireplace to be able to blend with any theme decor is the Focus Fireplace Slimfocus model. That’s because, when the fireplace retains the charm of a fireplace in terms of its functionality, but possesses unrivalled style, suddenly the fireplace is reinvented. 

As quaint as traditional fireplaces are, they often set the theme for the room which the decor then needs to work around. Sometimes the different styles mesh, and other times they don’t, especially in a more contemporary setting. Plus, you also lose the ability for customisation, which may limit the final outcome of the project. 

In many ways, designer fireplaces tear up the rulebook. They ask designers and architects to think of innovative concepts, rather than rely on the tried and tested formats. All of which leads to a more exciting outcome that truly pushes the boundaries of design, and takes interiors into a new age. 

Corner Fireplace Interior Design – Placing A Fireplace In The Corner Of The Room

Model featured: Julietta Corner Fireplace

At its heart, interior design is about creating the most effective layout in a room to harness its potential in terms of functionality and overall flow. 

When it comes to installing a statement piece such as a fireplace, sometimes the available options can limit the structure of the room, especially if the space is tight or if the room is awkwardly shaped. A corner fireplace creates the ideal solution, since corners are rarely utilised in interior design, meaning not only will a corner fireplace free up space, but from a design standpoint it will add an extremely interesting feature within the room too. 

Crucially for any discerning interior designer, our Julietta 985 corner fireplace was the subject of much refinement by its creator Jean Clean Bordelet. Mr Bordelet was not content with the idea of ‘chopping off’ part of his original fireplace design to make it fit into a corner space. Instead, he completely reenvisioned the hood to give the finished result a truly unique character. 

In addition, the Julietta 985 is available in four paint finishes including black, anthracite, chocolate and taupe. So, whatever the colour scheme within the rest of the space, we can create an option that perfectly compliments the entire room. 

Your Home Made Perfect – Living Room With Fireplace Interior Design By Will Foster

Model featured: Ergofocus

Any avid watchers of BBC Two’s Your Home Made Perfect may have spotted one of our fireplaces in a recent episode. 

In series 3 episode 8, Architect Will Foster created a stunning redesign of a family home in Stockport for Hemal and Kalipa and their three children. With an emphasis on creating a space that would bring the family together, one of the stand out features of Will’s proposed design included our Ergofocus fireplace. 

It’s always a delight to see our designer fireplaces recognised by the interior design and architectural community. So if you’re planning an equally ambitious redesign for your client as an architect or interior designer, or if you’re a property owner in search of an exquisite fireplace for your property, our JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces pieces will certainly meet the brief. 

We particularly like the placement of the Ergofocus in Will’s design, since it makes use of what otherwise would have been an obsolete wall. That’s the beauty of interior design in that you can turn the expected on its head to create something truly amazing. 

Plus, with the fireplace located next to a focal view of the garden, seating can be placed opposite to extend the eyeline to the end of the property, which is an extremely clever optical trick that makes the space feel much larger than it actually is. 

Interior Design Fireplace Wall – Placing A Fireplace On A Wall

Model featured: Zelia 908

The largest square area of any room will be found on the walls, and for an interior designer it can be challenging to fill the space adequately. 

A balance needs to be struck between making the room feel finished, without being overdone. A wall design fireplace brings style and functionality to any wall space, particularly in the likes of living rooms, bedrooms or open plan spaces. 

The elongated flue of the Zelia 908 makes full use of the wall space, creating an interesting interior design feature. Its base design is truly charming, creating a captivating view of the flames when seating is opportunistically placed in front of it. 

Most of all, placing a fireplace on the wall strips back the contents of the room to the basic need for light and heat. With a designer fireplace in particular, the result will be just as spectacular as any piece of art that would normally adorn the walls. Doing so will also provide an ambient level of heat that makes the room more enjoyable to spend time in too. 

Why Choose Caleo Ltd For Your Next Interior Design Project?

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