Are Bioethanol Fires Warm? Your Questions Answered


Bioethanol fires, also known as ethanol fires, are a popular choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and stylish way to heat their home. But what are they? How do they work? And are bioethanol fires warm?

JC Bordelet, offers a wide range of luxury fireplaces with conversions available for bioethanol fuel. Just contact our team to find out more about the customisable options on offer for each design.

Let’s take a closer look at our most frequently asked questions about bioethanol fireplaces.

What are bioethanol fires and how do they work?

A bio ethanol fireplace is a type of fireplace that uses bio ethanol fuel. Ethanol is a renewable and clean-burning fuel made from plant sources, making it a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas or wood-burning fireplaces. Bioethanol fireplaces are also much easier to install than other fireplaces.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a fireplace in your home without the hassle of traditional fireplace installation.

Model: JC Bordelet Marina 993

How much heat do bioethanol fires give off?

Bioethanol fireplaces are a great way to heat your home without using any fossil fuels. The ethanol fireplace heat output is lower than wood-burning fireplaces and gas fires. However,  bio ethanol still produces a good level of heat to keep your home warm all year long. 

Is the flame adjustable?

Many homeowners like a fireplace with an adjustable flame. Fortunately, you can control the size of the flame on a modern ethanol fireplace, so you can enjoy a cosy fire without worrying about wasting energy. 

Do bioethanol fireplaces need a flue?

There’s some debate on whether bioethanol fireplaces need a flue. Some say that because the fuel is burned cleanly, there’s no need for one. Others argue that a flue is necessary to vent any fumes that may be produced when the fireplace is in use. 

Here at Caleo, the design has a big impact on whether you need to install a flue with your bioethanol fireplace. Don’t worry, we offer a full installation service nationwide, so we can take care of your fireplace from start to finish. Speak to our team of professionals to find out more about the installation process for your desired fireplace. 

Model: JC Bordelet Julietta 985 Corner Fireplace

Are there any disadvantages of bio ethanol fireplaces? 

Bioethanol fires have a few disadvantages. One is that they produce carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change. Another is that they can be difficult to control. If the fire gets too hot, it can cause the biofuel to vaporise and explode. Finally, bioethanol fires are more expensive than other types of fires, such as wood fires.

Bioethanol fires also produce carbon monoxide gas, which is odourless, colourless and deadly when inhaled in large quantities. That’s why it’s important to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home if you have a bioethanol fire.

Bioethanol at Caleo 

You may notice that some of our fireplaces are currently listed under the  ‘Decorative Range’ from JC Bordelet. These fireplaces are undergoing some changes to adhere to the new EcoDesign 2022 Regulations. Our Decorative Range is not submitted to performance criteria and energy labelling. 

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