A Brief History of J C Bordelet


This brief history of J C Bordelet offers an exciting insight into the glorious passion that the fireplaces were originally conceived, and continue to be still crafted with. Way back in 1976, after a lengthy period of unsuccessfully trying to find an innovative, aesthetically daring and stylish fireplace the French designer by the name of Jean Claude Bordelet decided to create his own.

From this point, the company J C Bordelet was born and he set about devoting all of his time and efforts into the creation of beautiful, unique and distinctive fireplaces.

He began in a local workshop in the Montpellier region in the South of France and steadily built a reputation for amazing creations.

The Company is now owned by the Seguin Group, a family-owned business incorporating some of the finest brands of fireplace. In 2018 the manufacturing and administration moved to its current home in Vendargues, a few kilometres away from its original home.

The original J C Bordelet coloured fireplace design

Jean Claude Bordelet had the daring, vision and self-belief to break with convention and in 1982 he proclaimed his style and signature to the world at the ‘Foire de Paris’, (international home and design show) by exhibiting a central fireplace, suspended by the flue, open on all sides and with a high gloss blue finish. (see picture above).

This audacious display was an absolute hit, in a marketplace consisting of drab, heavy steel boxes Jean Claude Bordelet set the DNA which still runs through the Company today.

Available now in over 180 colours, a range of styles including high-efficiency glass-enclosed models, J C Bordelet is the only marque offering such a range of colours and finishes.

The work of J C Bordelet has received many honours around the globe, including the most famous JANUS award for design.

In 2006, retirement beckoned and Jean Claude sold the business to Seguin Duteriez, owned by the De Galembert family since 1997.

In 2015 Jean Claude Bordelet passed away and left us with his legacy to continue gracing the most desirable homes and commercial premises around the world with a J C Bordelet fireplace.

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