7 Beautiful Fireplace In The Middle Of The Room Ideas


Fireplaces aren’t just there to heat the room – they are very much a design statement too. This is especially the case if you opt for a designer fireplace as we stock here at Caleo Ltd.

With a designer fireplace, you suddenly have a lot more options at your disposal, including the positioning of your fireplace. Placing a fireplace in the middle of the room is becoming something that designers and architects are certainly warming to, seen as it turns the expected on its head in the most captivating of ways. 

Caleo LTD is a UK stockist of fireplaces from JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces. Here are some ideas to inspire your next project with us if you’re particularly keen on the notion of placing a fireplace in the middle of the room. 

Benefits Of Putting A Fireplace In The Middle Of The Room

If you’ve only ever experienced a traditional fireplace setup with a chimney, you may not be aware of just how far the fireplace industry has evolved. 

Although JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces have a long history due to their quality and innovation, they remain very much a secret unless architects or designers are knowledgeable about stockists such as ourselves.

Allow us to enlighten you with some of the top benefits of switching to a fireplace in the middle of the room. Remember, if you’re based in the UK and you’d like to see any of our pieces in person, you can book a private showroom visit! Skip to the end of this post to learn more. 

Ambient Heat Throughout The Entire Space

Think about this for a second. If you banish a fireplace to a wall, particularly in a large or open plan space, how will the heat travel to the other side of the room? The answer is, it probably won’t, and instead, you’ll be left with hot and cold spots. 

But when a fireplace is positioned centrally and features a 360 degree design, the heat radiates evenly in a way that’s both comfortable and efficient. Therefore, central fireplaces are ideal for rooms that feel draughty in the wintertime. 

Refreshing Take On Traditional Fireplace Designs

Better heat distribution is often a factor for those considering putting a fireplace in the middle of the room, though it’s by far the only benefit to be had. 

When designing a space, sometimes a contemporary solution is desired. If this is the case, then why cling to the traditional way of doing things, when so many more options exist? Putting a fireplace in the middle of the room is no exception, and can help bring the space into the 21st century. 

Ideal For Positioning Furniture Around

There’s no reason why you can’t make a fireplace in the middle of the room a focal piece, especially if you place seating around it so that your guests get the best view of the flames. 

Some of our central design fireplaces have been used in conjunction with circular seating, though their flexibility will allow for practically any furniture placement to be experimented with. 

Unique View Of The Flames

When something spans 360 degrees, it means that no matter where you are in the room, you can always see it. This is exactly what will happen when you place a fireplace in the middle of the room, and it can be extremely captivating to witness. 

A central positioning also means that if the room has different zones or usages such as living and dining areas, the fireplace is always going to be in view. You can also follow the fireplace around for uninterrupted views of the flames, which just isn’t the case with fireplaces that are in the wall or chimney.

Fireplace For Open Plan Room

Eva 992 Bordelet central base fireplace
Model featured: Eva 992

Open plan rooms maximise the feeling of space within any home or commercial environment. But when it comes to placing a fireplace in an open plan room, a traditional option may fail to heat the space adequately, because the heat simply has too far to travel.

But when you place a fireplace in the middle of the room, this will ensure there are no hot and cold spots, ensuring the entire space remains livable throughout all the seasons. 

Central fireplaces also create a stunning focal point that anchors the space, while retaining that spacious and airy feeling. 

Vaulted Ceiling Fireplace

Zelia hanging floating fireplace
Model featured: Zelia 908

Vaulted ceilings maximise the vertical amount of space within a room. But have you ever considered completing your vaulted ceiling by adding a fireplace to it? 

Such an intuitive solution is completely possible with our suspended fireplaces. The Zelia 908 with its gorgeous glossy lacquer finish is no exception. 

When paired with an abundance of natural light, this allows your fireplace to take centre stage during the day, and as that light slowly fades, the glow of the fire will become ever more intense, creating a homely feel as dusk arrives. 

You’ll also notice that by placing a fireplace in the middle of the room, this can also help to create zones within the space that in this case seamlessly blend between dining and lounging areas. 

Best Fireplace For Apartments

Calista floating central fireplace by Bordelet
Model featured: Calista 917

Who says you can’t install a fireplace in an apartment? In fact, given apartments are designed to feel like intimate and welcoming spaces, they should have everything needed to make sure that will be the case, and a fireplace is no exception.

Of course, the Calista 917 with its space age rotating design is in fact suitable for a wide number of environments, but we think it looks extra special in the above apartment example. 

Notice also how the colour of the piece has been customised to perfectly match the interiors of the apartment? Plus, it doesn’t disrupt the stunning view of the city skyline, it only seeks to further enhance it. 

Fireplace For Awkward Spaces

Eva fixed base pedestal central designer fireplace by JC Bordelet
Model featured: Eva 992 (Coloured)

Do you ever look at your living room, or any other space in your home for that matter and wonder how to make the best use of the space?

It’s sometimes the case that rooms are awkwardly shaped or positioned. Likewise, there may be beams or other structures that cannot be moved that you’re trying to work around.

The above positioning of our Eva 992 is a perfect example of how a fireplace can make a previously empty or redundant space come to life in the most beautiful and useful of ways. 

Injecting itself between the staircase and the seating area ensures all those who walk by and indeed remain seated are comfortably warm. At the same time, the fireplace does not intrude on the space, and its curvature adds an interesting optical statement that feels sophisticated. 

Contemporary Fireplace Design

Eva central fireplace on base pedestal
Model featured: Eva 992

When building a new home or renovating an existing space, it’s understandable that when putting in statement features such as a fireplace, designers and homeowners are reluctant to add elements that are dated. Instead, they seek creative ideas that feel fresh.

As the flagship JC Bordelet model, the Eva 992 fireplace is subjected to artisan craft and engineering. This means it can elegantly grace a contemporary open plan space just as it can any other theme or style. 

As with all of our fireplaces, the Eva 992 is available in a range of colours and finishes meaning that no matter what trends you’re trying to cater to or indeed if you’re in a search of a timeless look, this particular model will always rise to the challenge, as indeed the flames will too! 

Fireplace In A Conservatory

A common question we get asked is, ‘can you put a fireplace in a conservatory?’, and our answer is yes! We of course will need to look at each conservatory to advise on the best fireplace model and fuel type, but on the whole, it is most certainly possible, as demonstrated with the above recent installation we completed in Nottinghamshire.

After all, if you’re in search of ideas relating to putting a fireplace in the middle of the room, why stop at the usual suspects such as living rooms or bedrooms? 

We can install fireplaces in the middle of practically any living space, and some of our models are even designed to be placed outside too. 

Model featured: Marina 993 (Central

Fireplace In The Middle Of The Living Room

Lea floating central designer fireplace by Bordelet
Model featured: Lea 998

Offering a complete 360 degree experience, the Lea 998 can be placed in living rooms to ensure transition areas always feel warm and comfortable. 

By placing a fireplace in the middle of the living room, this also frees up valuable wall space which you could use to place a TV on or a piece of art. 

Some of our clients also like to strip the walls back to bare brick to give a rustic feel to the decor. 

Either way, when you can control where the fireplace is located, this provides the ultimate freedom for your design. All the while, no matter where you sit in the room you’ll never feel cold! 

Caleo Ltd Fireplace Ideas UK – Visit Our Fireplace Showroom In Sheffield 

Caleo designer fireplace showroom in Sheffield

Interested in anything you’ve seen above, or want to explore more ideas that involve placing a fireplace in the middle of the room? 

Caleo Ltd is an exclusive UK stockist of JC Bordelet fireplaces and Focus Fireplaces which are handcrafted in Montpellier, France. Our luxury fireplaces include bespoke fireplaces, suspended fireplaces, central fireplaces and designer fireplaces. 

Based in Sheffield, we offer a full design to installation service nationwide right across the UK and Ireland. Whatever you had in mind for your new fireplace, we’ll work with you to achieve your dream vision. 

Call us on 0114 3221592 to arrange a private visit to our Sheffield showroom to view our exquisite fireplaces in person, so that we can help find exactly what you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can also find out more about JC Bordelet products by downloading our brochure

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