5 Modern Fireplace Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Interior Project


Whether you’re building a property from scratch or renovating an existing space, at some point your attention will turn to the heat source within the room. 

Fireplaces have long been one of the more favoured ways to heat a room since they add a rustic charm to the environment giving a homely feel. However, in recent years the design of fireplaces has moved on from the traditional setup of a chimney and hearth to feature truly innovative designs that spark imagination like never before.

Caleo is a UK stockist of fireplaces from JC Bordelet and Focus Fireplaces. For any homeowner, interior designer or architect in search of some design inspiration for their next project, here is an overview of 5 modern fireplace ideas that we can install for you. 

Caleo Ltd Fireplace Designs – UK & Ireland Installation 

Living Room Fireplace Ideas

Lea wall-mounted wood-burning fireplace
Model featured: JC Bordelet Lea 998

Living rooms are designed to be comfortable environments where you can kick back and relax with the family, or simply immerse yourself in a good book or movie after a long day of work. 

A traditional living room fire and fireplace normally sits within the chimney cavity. But as demonstrated with the Lea 998, you can retain that sense of warmth and relaxation while creating a modern feel for your home by upgrading to a contemporary fireplace design instead. 

In the above image, we particularly like how the wood fired fireplace seamlessly blends with the wooden floor interiors of the room itself. The fire is also perfectly positioned so that the heat spreads outwards towards the seating area. When you don’t have a choice of where the fireplace will be positioned, this can limit the furniture placement within the room. But with a designer fireplace such as the Lea 998, you’re essentially given a blank canvas to work with!

As a final note about this image, who even needs a TV in the living room when the fireplace is such a beautiful spectacle? We can imagine spending hours huddled around the Lea 998, glass in hand spending quality time with friends and family. 

Dining Room With Fireplace Ideas

Bordelet central designer fireplace - Eva 992, in the middle of a stunning high-end restaurant
Model featured: JC Bordelet Eva 992 Central

Dining rooms tend to be vast open spaces, so what better way to keep your guests warm than with a central fireplace design?

Over the years here at Caleo Ltd, we’ve installed fireplaces in both residential and commercial dining environments. As well as maintaining an ambient temperature, a fireplace positioned in the middle of the room also creates an optical spectacle to entertain diners as they wait for their meal. The view of the flames is also extremely relaxing, and helps to set just the right tone for what should always be an upbeat yet stylish environment. 

Another advantage of placing a fireplace in a dining room is that it helps to cleverly section the space, adding personality and charm as it does so. If you want to extend the length of time people spend in the dining room or want to create a stunning focal piece while entertaining, a central fireplace design is one of our top suggestions. 

Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

Bordelet Eva 992 central fixed fireplace
Model featured: JC Bordelet Eva 992 Central (Glass Enclosed)

The interior design of bedrooms has become ever more luxurious in recent years, and with good reason. In today’s world, we are up against constant notifications and busy lifestyles that can leave us feeling drained. Hence, it’s essential that our bedroom environment feels like a sanctuary, so that we can feel rested and replenished to tackle the day ahead.

Not many people know they can install a fireplace in the bedroom. Though some older properties do have fireplaces built into the wall, where the fireplace follows the chimney up from the living room to the bedroom directly above it. However, with a designer fireplace such as the JC Bordelet Eva 992, we can place a fireplace in bedrooms including those in new build properties or even in chalets as in the above image, without its positioning being constrained. 

We think you’ll agree the finished result is the epitome of not only a modern design but luxury interiors too, even when the room uses paired back materials such as wood panelling and stone flooring. 

Top tip: The Eva 992 is available in a wide range of colours, styles and prints meaning we can cater for all bedroom decors! 

Open Fireplace Ideas

Gyrofocus indoor hanging suspended floating fireplace with extended flue
Model featured: Gyrofocus (indoor version)

Another modern fireplace idea is to install an open fireplace, which will help to re-establish a connection with nature, since fire is one of five elements, alongside earth, air, water and space. 

Furthermore, did you know that installing a modern fireplace such as an open fireplace can add as much as 5% onto the value of your property? Open fireplaces are suitable for practically any room in the house, and can also be installed in commercial environments too.

Placing an open fireplace in the centre of the room adds interest to the space, though we have various open fireplace models that can be positioned against the wall or even in the corner of the room too. 

Fireplace Wall Ideas

Emifocus wall-mounted designer fireplace
Model featured: Emifocus

For those who crave the traditional wall positioning of a fireplace but with a modern twist, Emifocus ticks every box and more. 

When you consider that walls make up the largest area size of any room, it can be a difficult task to fill the wall space adequately. On the one hand, you don’t want the room to feel empty with too little adornments on the wall, but by adding too much it’s easy to make the space feel cluttered.

Therefore, a perfect solution is to install a wall design fireplace, since it adds visual interest but in the most beautiful of ways. Even when paired with a whitewashed wall as in the above example, the space looks inviting, proving that with a designer fireplace, you don’t need complex interiors to make the space work. As they say, sometimes less is more!

Caleo Ltd Fireplace Ideas UK – Visit Our Fireplace Showroom In Sheffield 

Caleo designer fireplace showroom in Sheffield showing 3 stunning central fireplaces
Caleo designer fireplace showroom in Sheffield

Interested in anything you’ve seen above, or want to explore more modern fireplace ideas with us?

Caleo Ltd is an exclusive UK stockist of JC Bordelet fireplaces and Focus Fireplaces which are handcrafted in Montpellier, France. Our luxury fireplaces include bespoke fireplaces, suspended fireplaces, central fireplaces and designer fireplaces. 

Based in Sheffield, we offer a full design to installation service nationwide right across the UK and Ireland. As mentioned, we work with interior designers and architects, though we also help homeowners directly to achieve their dream fireplace vision. 

Call us on 0114 3221592 to arrange a private visit to our Sheffield showroom to view our exquisite fireplaces in person, so that we can help find exactly what you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can also find out more about JC Bordelet products by downloading our brochure.

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